Sihayo Gold Project (75% interest)

The Sihayo deposit occurs at the top of a hill on the edge of a major dilational pull apart basin. The Sihayo deposit is situated within a sedimentary package consisting of Permian aged calcareous sediments and volcaniclastics, which are unconformably overlain by shallow basin origin Tertiary sandstones and siltstones. The Sihayo deposit gold mineralisation is categorised as Sedimentary Rock Hosted Disseminated Gold Deposit type.

There is potential to discover additional replacement-style, carbonate-hosted gold resources within a 5km radius of the Sihayo 1 resource.  Multiple prospects have been identified within this radius but have received very limited follow-up.  The prime exploration targets are prospects identified by historic work along two mineralised trends, Sihayo-Hutabargot and Sihayo 3-4-5, which comprise the Sihayo gold belt. The Sihayo gold belt is a +15-km long northwest-southeast trending corridor of Permian calcareous volcano-sedimentary rocks and associated intrusions which are prospective for replacement-style carbonate-hosted gold, epithermal gold veins and porphyry-related gold and copper mineralisation. The Sihayo gold belt is located on fault-strands from an extensional dextral jog in the Trans Sumatran Fault Zone (“TSFZ”).