Regional Exploration

The CoW area is deemed to be highly prospective for mineralisation. In addition to the Sihayo project, there are over twenty (20) identified prospects of carbonate-hosted gold, low to intermediate - sulphidation epithermal-vein gold, gold-copper skarn, copper-gold porphyry and lead zinc skarn style mineralisation across the CoW area. The Company is committed to advancing these regional prospects including at the Hutabargot exploration target an epithermal style prospect located within 10km of the Sihayo project.

Sihayo Pungkut CoW key exploration prospects

Sihayo, and the neighbouring smaller Sambung gold deposit, are located at the northwest end of the 11.5km-long Sihayo - Hutabargot mineralised trend and directly adjacent to a major dilational pull apart basin (~100km long, ~12km wide and ~1km deep) that is controlled by the TSFZ.

The Sihayo gold belt is a +15-km long northwest-southeast trending corridor of Permian calcareous volcano-sedimentary rocks and associated intrusions which are prospective for replacement-style carbonate-hosted gold, epithermal gold veins and porphyry-related gold and copper mineralisation. The Sihayo gold belt is located on fault-strands from an extensional dextral jog in the Trans Sumatran Fault Zone (“TSFZ”).

CoW northern block mineral trends